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Marc's Transformation

Marc conceived the idea for "Marc's Green Truck" after completing a 60 day juice fast and 10 day cleanse.  In the process he lost over 70 pounds and felt the benefits of completely eliminating unhealthy foods from his diet and adding only organic fruits and vegetables.  The results were amazing.  He normalized his blood pressure and no longer was "pre-diabetic."


Armed with these results Marc wanted to provide healthy information about this lifestyle to the world.  Marc Clarke's Green truck provides information in various forms from videos to articles so that people can access the information they need to live a healthier life.  It is also easy to purchase any of the amazing products by clicking on the ads or going to the store.

Marc just completed a RAW FOOD journey of 100 Days! Look at the videos to see his amazing journey.


You can also post interesting articles or comment on the site. 


Marc's ultimate goal is to have multiple green trucks to hit the streets in areas that don't have healthy fruits and veggies and provide those neighborhoods with healthy food like juices, smoothies, and salads and fresh fruits and vegetatables.